Released 2013-10-17
0000135: [Main Display] Add fuel temp to display for diesels (Peter)
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Released 2012-04-03
0000132: [Adjustments] v2.04 firmware leaves buzzer on when it should be off for newer batch (slim) displays (Peter)
0000131: [Consult Interface] Firmware download is a bit slow (Peter)
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Released 2010-08-26
0000092: [Main Display] Option to set speed correction as percent of what it is reading (Peter)
0000102: [Connecting] Diesel ECU support (Peter)
0000107: [Main Display] Remove sensors that arent supported (Peter)
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Released 2010-01-26
Adds Adjustments whilst on main screen, Saves Long term trip statistics, TB45E support, changes main sensor screen slightly (temp to start second line, timing to end third line)
0000100: [Adjustments] allow adjustments whilst on main sensor/trip meter display (Peter)
0000098: [Options] Need to allow the second injector bank to be used in place of primary bank (Peter)
0000074: [Trip Meter] save trip meter statistics (Peter)
0000101: [Main Display] change main sensor screen slightly (Peter)
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Released 2009-09-04
Adds Alerts and Adjustments
0000096: [Adjustments] adjustments of fuel/ignition (Peter)
0000064: [Alerts] audible alerts (Peter)
0000086: [Main Display] When ignition timing goes negative (ATDC) it displays negative value rather than degrees A (Peter)
0000088: [Main Display] Timing retard add to Max Values (Peter)
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Released 2008-08-10
Fixes a few bugs in v2.00 firmware, and adds LCD refresh time option, Ignition timing offset for US users, MicroSD card info/speed test page
0000083: [USB/MicroSD] create microsd card info viewer page (Peter)
0000085: [Time Trials] timetrials only go up to the given speed in KPH, although they display MPH speed (Peter)
0000076: [Main Display] Slow pixel response on lcd display / Refresh rate (Peter)
0000082: [Time Trials] when using MPH, the individual time trial page shows kph still (Peter)
0000079: [Options] have timing offset option for US users (Peter)
0000077: [Time Trials] 400m and 0-160 time trials are mixed up (Peter)
0000075: [Options] extra % symbol at the end of the injector cc page (Peter)
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Released 2007-07-10
Next major revision of the LCD display, different screen configuration (20x4), more compact size (fits in DIN slot), buttons on front, user upgradable firmware. Due around Q3 2008.
0000053: [Hardware] add buzzer to board (Peter)
0000048: [Hardware] Add microSD slot to board (Peter)
0000045: [Hardware] Change to switching power supply (Peter)
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Released 2007-07-10
Next revision of the initial LCD display (40x2). Will receive trip meter screen in this firmware revision
0000043: [Options] Replace other economy option with MPG (Peter)
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