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0000064LCD DisplayAlertspublic2009-09-04 11:13
ReporterPeter Assigned ToPeter  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version0.9 
Fixed in Version2.02 
Summary0000064: audible alerts
Descriptionhave user settable alerts...e.g. speed > 110km/h, temperature >100C, etc

guess people could use it as a shift indicator also if they set RPM as an alert.
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2009-06-17 20:10

reporter   ~0000070

As-per e-mail, alerts could have hysteresis (fixed or adjustable), and the ability to have a periodic reminder (these are specifically applicable to the speed-alert function).


2009-06-17 21:10

administrator   ~0000072

these are the example categories ive got so far. obviously the actual value would be adjustable, more just showing the sensors i think would be useful to have an alert for. speed and temp probably worthwhile for initial buzz then periodic, but perhaps the others would want just a buzz whilever its true?

Speed >= 115
Temp >= 105
RPM >= 6000
Injectors >= 95%
AFM >= 4.9v


2009-06-22 10:22

administrator   ~0000077

also someone has requested voltage too low alert


2009-06-26 17:46

administrator   ~0000078

this is planned for upcoming v2.02


2009-09-04 11:13

administrator   ~0000085

this is in v2.02 firmware (website will be updated soon, and email sent out). there are options to set pitch of buzzer, the buzz length, buzz repeat interval. you can also set each alert individual to whatever value, all alerts except voltage is triggered at or above the value you set, voltage is at or below the voltage you set.

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