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0000076LCD DisplayMain Displaypublic2008-09-19 21:01
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Fixed in Version2.01 
Summary0000076: Slow pixel response on lcd display / Refresh rate
DescriptionDue to the lower native pixel refresh rate on the blue LCD, it can be hard to read when lots of detail is changing rapidly.
Its been suggested to reduce the screen update rate from 4 times per second down to 2 times per second.

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2008-08-16 09:18

administrator   ~0000053

will check it out, might even be able to manually set the refresh rate in ms (ie might not have to be an even divisor of 1s which would limit it to 1s, 0.5s, 0.25s, 0.2s, etc). either way we can this refresh option to LCD options under contrast/backlight


2008-09-19 21:01

administrator   ~0000061

Last edited: 2008-09-19 21:34

fixed in upcoming v2.01. use can select refresh time from 40->250 in 10 increments. e.g. 50 = 50ms between each line refresh (4 lines, so 200ms effective refresh rate for a given line, to update 5 times per second). so then 250ms x 4 = 1s is the slowest update rate, which may be preferred for blue screen users. this setting will only affect the main displays (sensor and trip meter) and the time trial running screen.

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