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0000089LCD DisplayOptionspublic2008-09-26 09:47
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Summary0000089: Automatic Toggle Between Sensor Display and Trip meter Option V2 Display
DescriptionWould be handy to have option for V2 display to auto toggle, say every couple of seconds or so, between sensor and trip meter while in normal use, i.e., driving down the road, so as one does not have to manually do it to keep eye on engine operation and avg fuel mileage at same time.
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2008-09-26 09:47

administrator   ~0000064

the very first display i made back in 2005 or so, had automatic toggle and it was extremely annoying, because when you wanted something specific it was annoying to wait for it. perhaps a better thing would be a hybrid of the 2 screens? i.e. the most important data from both screens?

e.g. i like current speed, temperature, timing, current/avg fuel economy, time elapsed, and maybe fuel used or O2 sensor

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