Released 2007-07-10
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0000069: [Gauges] attempt to get the LTRB bounds setting working for PPC users. (Peter)
0000058: [Gauges] pressing space bar while gauges displayed causes glitch (Peter)
0000070: [Options] default 100ms refresh is too high (Peter)
0000055: [Sensors] fuel usage (and maybe others) dont take into account hibernate/car off times for fuel usage calcs (Peter)
0000042: [Other] remove all console.writeline statements from beta4 for final 1.3.3 release (Peter)
0000041: [Gauges] If using L|T|R|B settings in the ini file, the gauges arent displayed properly if L is far from 0. (Peter)
0000010: [Gauges] Put font size/scaling for gauges in options (Peter)
0000038: [Connection] check for port open when reconnecting when gauges showing (Peter)
0000036: [Sensors] Clear trip statistics from sensors (Peter)
0000039: [Connection] Put option in for data flush wait time (this might help people with problems with sensors not showing up). (Peter)
0000035: [Sensors] Save long term trip sensor statistics (Peter)
0000032: [Fault Codes] When you read fault codes without having connected to ecu, ecutalk exits (Peter)
0000033: [Options] Gauge colour preview doesnt update till you restart ECUTalk (Peter)
0000037: [Options] Option dropdown lists are editable on laptop/PC (shouldn't be) (Peter)
0000024: [Sensors] Derived sensors should select dependent sensors automatically (Peter)
0000014: [Options] Add offset option timing so US users can get correct timing readings (Peter)
0000026: [Options] Priority option for ECUTalk (eg so mp3 etc play fine) (Peter)
0000005: [Sensors] Other Trip Meter Sensors (Fuel Used, Trip Fuel Economy, Trip Distance) (Peter)
0000022: [Options] imperial (etc) option in the options is cutoff with japanese font (Peter)
0000001: [Connection] Automatically attempt reconnection to ECU after connection lost (Peter)
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